The Colombian designer who shows off for Latinos in ‘Making the cut’

The only Latino designer in the second season of Making The Cut, Andrea Salazar, is the winner for the professional and personal growth she had while participating in Amazon's fashion reality show.

Ever since Andrea Salazar discovered fashion design as one of her greatest passions, she has had the recurring dream of creating garments for women who, like her, harness their courage to conquer the world while embracing their femininity. With this vision, SETA Apparel started and, with the determination to turn it into a global brand, he responded to the call to participate in the second season of Making the Cut.

The opportunity came at the most opportune time. “We were in the middle of a pandemic. Our shops were closed and business was slow. My day-to-day life wasn't destined for that quietness and I thought I'd start studying. Then came the call for the program,” recalls the Antioquia designer and acknowledges that she sent the requested information without waiting for a reply.

To Andrea's surprise, she was invited to the interview that marked the beginning of an intense physical and mental preparation, until she received the big news: from more than a thousand international designers, she was chosen as a contestant in the Amazon Original fashion design series, presented and produced by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn.

“Every moment, before and during the recording of the show, marked me personally and professionally. But if I have to mention three, those are: the first parade, episode seven and, of course, getting to the finale. There were also difficult moments, but I always try to focus more on the positive.”

And with that confidence, Andrea says exclusively to Forbes Life how grateful she feels for having had the opportunity to show the world what she is capable of; for everything she learned throughout the series and the global visibility that the brand she founded in Medellín in 2014 has gained.

“It was a very interesting challenge because the approach was not just creative. As participants we had to show our entrepreneurial skills and expose them to well-known personalities. Heidi Klum has a lot of experience in this field and an extraordinary trajectory. I also found the opinion of model Winnie Harlow to be right because her perspective is very commercial and represents millennials, a very important generation of consumers for the fashion industry.”


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