The 9th List Holiday Event

Style is a deeply personal expression, reflecting both our inner feelings and how the world perceives us. In our photoshoots, we aim to capture and showcase these unique styles that set the scene for self-expression. SETA, our line, strikes a balance between edgy coolness, suitable for both dramatic and ethereal looks, adaptable to dressing up or down.

Recently, we hosted THE 9LIST® Holiday Event, featuring an insightful conversation with Andrea Salazar, Creative Director of SETA and a finalist on Prime Video's Making the Cut Season 2. Our discussion delved into Andrea's design passion, creative process, experiences on the show, the brand's vision, and her New Year's Eve recommendations.

ATHLEISURE MAG: Thrilled to have Andrea Salazar, Creative Director of SETA, with us – a brand we've admired for years. In our 96th issue, part of our heritage feature, THE 9LIST, we dive into must-haves for shopping, discovering, and experiencing. Andrea, your brand, with its quality materials, embellishments, and edgy style, perfectly aligns with what we love. Let's explore your journey and the looks our readers can shop.

ANDREA SALAZAR: Thank you for having me! Where is Athleisure Mag based?

AM: Based in NY. Athleisure Media, our baby, includes Athleisure Mag released monthly. Your brand, with its great materials, edgy style, and accessories, perfectly fits THE 9LIST Holiday Event, allowing readers to explore and shop their favorite finds.

AS: I appreciate that. Being on Making the Cut was a significant moment, and I'm excited to share more about my journey and the brand.

AM: When did your passion for design emerge?

AS: Growing up in a family of fashion lovers, including my mother, a fashion designer, and my fashionista grandmother, I developed a passion for design at a young age. Living in London as a teenager further fueled my interest in European fashion and street style.

AM: How did you hone your skills?

AS: With an International Business Administration degree, I combined it with fashion design at Marangoni in Miami, styling courses in Milan, and pattern making online with a university in Colombia. Knowing the business and specializing in fashion are both crucial.

AM: Your design inspiration?

AS: I draw inspiration from travel, exploring museums, and personal experiences. I believe in cohesive, timeless collections that resonate with customers year-round.

AM: What led to the creation of SETA?

AS: SETA, an acronym for Sophistication, Edgy, Timeless, Attire, combines the S and Z from my last names, Salazar and Zapata. Our ethos revolves around empowering women to express their uniqueness through quality, handmade, and timeless pieces.

AM: How did Making the Cut impact your brand?

AS: Being on a global stage and receiving feedback and mentorship from industry icons like Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn was invaluable. It significantly increased our presence, expanded our clientele, and opened doors for online channels, including Amazon Fashion.

AM: Your boutiques?

AS: Our carefully curated boutiques in Miami, Medellin, and Bogota embody the essence of SETA. We're exploring franchise opportunities and plan to open more stores. Our presence in NY is also on the horizon.

AM: The SETA Gallery at the Sagamore Hotel?

AS: It's a unique space celebrating our 10-year journey, showcasing iconic pieces and their stories through a fashion exhibition.

AM: Essential pieces from SETA?

AS: The classic Legend Military Jacket, Baggy Suit Pants, and a statement belt are must-haves for any wardrobe.

AM: Collaborations and color palette?

AS: Collaborations, such as those with shoe and accessory brands, have been successful. While we stay true to our core palette, we occasionally introduce new colorways through small capsules to cater to different clienteles.

AM: NYE looks and events?

AS: For a NYE Loft Party or rooftop celebration, the Mesh Turtleneck paired with Lumino Bralet and Pants offers a balanced and stylish winter look. An Oversized Shirt paired with Alquimia Short and Rocker Boot provides a relaxed yet glamorous option for celebrating at home. Finally, the Luminous Faux Coat and Crystal-embellished Catsuit make a bold statement for a night out.

AM: Your journey with SETA?

AS: SETA is our passion project, our baby, witnessing growth and challenges. It's a constant learning experience filled with ups and downs, much like life. We cherish both the successes and failures and love doing what we are passionate about.

AM: Your campaign shoots and videos?

AS: Our campaigns reflect our genuine passion for SETA. When we love what we do, everything flows. SETA is like our baby, and we take care of it with dedication and excitement. The growth journey continues, and we look forward to what the future holds.

AM: Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey and insights into SETA!

AS: Thank you for the love and support! It's been an incredible ride, and we're excited for what lies ahead.

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