Colombian designer Andrea Salazar is the only Hispanic in the second season of Making the Cut

Colombian fashion designer Andrea Salazar has passed one of the toughest tests in her profession: competing in Making The Cut, Amazon Prime Video's reality TV series, where a doubt can cost you your head.
It was in the middle of the pandemic that Andrea Salazar decided to try his luck and try to enter the casting of the second season of Making The Cut, the Amazon Prime Video series in which designers from different backgrounds participate in search of the jackpot prize of $1 million.

"They asked me if I was able to create looks and I said yes, so lucky that my mom was here in Miami and we locked ourselves in the studio sewing and learning before going to the show. I was superbly prepared to be able to make a good performance," explains the 31-year-old Colombian born in Medellin, whose SETA brand has stores in that city, Bogota and Miami, and whose parent is also a fashion designer.

"My mother loved sewing all her life, in fact she made us [me and my sister Eliana] the graduation dresses, for first communion and now for my marriage; you see it's a family tradition."

The recording of the series, of which Salazar had only seen the trailer until it premiered on July 16, lasted six weeks and was of an intensity he had never experienced before.

"It was like working blindly, we didn't know what the challenge of each new episode would be, we couldn't even get ahead of anything because we didn't know anything. [There was] a lot of pressure, a lot of rush, you couldn't even think too much, just execute," recalls the designer, who at 18 discovered her passion for fashion in London, where she lived for a year.


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