There are many styles of street fashion, but we have to admit – we’re currently obsessing over trends in Tokyo. A city where ancient meets modern. We introduce to you our newest collection, Sassy Tokyo.

We’re taking our brand over the North Pacific Ocean. Expect this collection to feature new elements as we explored new cultures.

This collection was inspired by cultural trends and family traditions. The most significant piece we’re releasing in this collection, is our heritage suit inspired by an original worn by our grandmother. It symbolizes everything that is family and tradition.

Our pieces will always contain our DNA, but this time around we’re experimenting with different styles and color palettes. There’s a turquoise color never used before and a very dominant ochre color.

We’re also introducing new belts, with crystals and white leathers, and our very own signature boots. We have a feeling you’re going to fall in love with this collection’s corsets and carefully laced pieces with colorful beadings.

Expect more prints, fringes, shapes and sequins perfect for a night out. If you’re fascinated by our geometric patterns… you’re the work traveler, a dream chaser seeking adventure, and a fashion savior in love with the rush of the busy streets.

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